Close Friends mural

‘Close friends are truly life’s treasures’. A inspiring quote from Vincent van Gogh.

In this mural I depicted the story of Van Gogh as a passionate and energetic artist, surrounded by the people who stood close to him. People for whom he felt love and who helped and inspired him. Like the farmers from his home region Brabant who he painted in his famous work ‘The Potato Eaters’, friend and fellow artist Gauguin, madame Ginoux who he painted several times and his brother Theo who financially supported Vincent and with who he maintained an intense correspondence.

Van Gogh was always searching for his mission in life and recognition and love from people. In the middle of the painting you see Van Gogh, with moving arms he reaches with one hand for the heart of love, the other for the flame of passion. The movable style and patterns of the painting refer to the lines and curves of Van Goghs painting style well known from his painting ‘Starry Night’. It also imagines the restless spirit of Van Gogh.